Jonathan Lara reflects on “The key to success” in a television program

Jonathan Lara

Jonathan Lara reflects on “The key to success” in a television program

On March 31st, Jonathan Lara, member of the Asociación Despierta Honduras (ADH), gave an interview to journalist Jorge Zelaya Fajardo on his program “La Clave del Éxito”, reflecting on the path that led him to become a doctoral student in nutrition and epidemiology at the University of North Carolina, United States.

Jonathan revealed the two keys that have allowed him to positively impact Honduras’ reputation: 1) Establish clear goals, trying to ensure that these always benefit other people, and work every day to achieve them; 2) Fight to maintain humility. In this sense, Jonathan stated: “I am aware of the privileges that I have had and I wish that every young person in Honduras has the opportunities that I had.”

At ADH, Jonathan works on different projects alongside other young professionals to solve the most urgent problems in Honduras and achieve shared prosperity among all citizens. From a nutrition and public health standpoint, he has given workshops in the Honduran Changemakers Program on the double burden of malnutrition.

The program “The Key to Success” is broadcast on the educational channel STVE Telebásica, a flexible modality of the Ministry of Education of Honduras, coordinated and executed by the Foundation for Education and Social Communication. Its purpose is to expand educational services and coverage for the third cycle of Basic Education and its foundation rests on its own methodology, which precisely articulates printed educational material and information and communication technologies.