What quality describes a transformed Honduras? – Dulce Rivera

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What quality describes a transformed Honduras? – Dulce Rivera

Author: Dulce Rivera

An educated Honduras is a transformed Honduras; in an ideal world, education has to be universal and publicly funded so that all children can go to school beyond their ability or parents’ willingness to pay. But it is a right that has been deprived of them due to lack of resources in different parts of the country and as a consequence, not everyone receives the same opportunities.

Education is part of our lives since we are born, we begin to acquire knowledge and develop skills and abilities through different practices of our family, society and the State. For a transformed Honduras, it is essential to promote public, universal and free education in our country, recognizing that it is a necessity for all social sectors.

By having an academic training fit to our reality, an individual will be a citizen who can easily identify the needs of his/her community, and with that Education acquired over the years, he/she will have the ability to break paradigms and prejudices, his/her way of analyzing and thinking will develop, allowing him/her to find innovative solutions to the challenges of society.

Investing in educational systems in countries has been shown to have taken a significant turn in societies. This means that the more people receive education, the more they will be able to reach higher standards internationally, compared to other countries. The creation and dissemination of knowledge in turn will encourage innovations that will have an impact on subsequent generations.

It is a joy to know that many compatriots have obtained opportunities to get ahead through their studies. In Honduras we must continue creating these opportunities as a fundamental piece to keep empowering young people to achieve their dreams and goals. In our country, education is the only way out of slavery. Educated Hondurans will always be free men and women.